Playing on grass courts is always special.

Many tennis enthusiasts recall Wimbledon, and feel a thrill and sense of expectation.

The Grass Court Saga Tennis Club was established in 1975 as the first tennis club in Japan with a number of grass courts.
The green grass of the courts is fresh, delineated by sharp white lines on all fourteen courts. Offering the largest scale of grass courts facility in Japan, the grounds are shaded by cherry and maple groves, and colored by the flowers of the season.Everything is perfect for enjoying tennis, including the clubhouse with spacious windows overlooking the verdant courts.

The club also offers two indoor courts, using the “Rebound Ace” chemical courts that had been used the Australian Open till 2007.There are also five courts with sanded artificial turf, partially roofed.

The Grass Court Saga Tennis Club welcomes novices encountering the joys of tennis for the first time, and long-time players returning to deepen their skills, while contributing to the continuing development of the tennis.